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Zune for Windows 10 as Alternative Podcast Manager App

Zune Podcast Manager
Written by Chris' Tutorials

Listening to podcasts while you work or play can be a fun way to keep your ears occupied. Everyone has heard of iTunes and the iTunes store but other alternatives exist such as Zune podcast manager.

You can find it here

Quick List: Why Use Zune for Podcasts

  1. Auto Download
  2. Add Any Podcast with a Link
  3. Sync with Mobile Device
  4. Sort List by Header
  5. Clean Interface

1. Episodes Can Download Automatically

Do you like saving time having to click buttons every time you want to listen to or watch something. When you have Zune opened up on your Windows machine and it sees new podcasts in the queue, it will automatically download the first 3 episodes by default. You have control over this for each individual podcast and global settings as well.

Zune Podcast Tab

2. Add Podcasts with a Link to RSS Page

Rather than search databases and limited search engines that may not have your podcast, you add podcasts in by links to the RSS feeds. Pretty much any site based podcast is going to have one. RSS feeds pulled off of feed burner work as well as a regular WordPress /rss page. The advantage to this method is that essentially any podcast will be able to be integrated with your podcast manager as long as it still has a web address.

3. Synchronize your Podcast Downloads with Mobile Device.

With Zune, you can plug in a mobile device and once it’s recognized they give you controls for synchronizing podcasts or music to your device. By default in the settings, only podcasts that are unlisted to or partially listened to will transfer over but you can make changes to suit your preferences if needed. The advantage here is that you may not need to rely on separate application vendors to achieve the same results. If you do want a seperate app on mobile though, I would recommend Podkicker.

4. Sort Downloaded Podcasts by Details

When you view podcasts in Zune, it’s organized in a details list and sorted by date by default. This is probably what you want if you want to watch podcasts in order but you can sort by any column. If you want to watch the longest or shortest episodes first, that is also easily possible by clicking column headers to sort.

5. Zune Has a Clean User Interface

Some programs are just ugly and outdated but the Zune interface is pretty clean, spacious and modern. On a 15.6″ laptop screen, there is plenty of space to switch between all subscribed podcasts, browse your lists, see details about the podcast, and stop or play it.

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