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Zoho Mail. A Good Small Business Alternative?

Written by Chris' Tutorials

I imagine just about everyone knows that Gmail is one of the best email services available. It’s currently 2nd right behind but quickly approaching Hotmail’s popularity as you can see here. That said is there ever a circumstance that you would want to use a different email service than Gmail? Well actually yes, and that other email service I speak of is Zoho’s Business Email.

“Who the heck is Zoho and what do they do?”

You may be asking that to yourself. A very fair question indeed! Well Zoho Corporation sprung up to start hosting email services and what they offer for small businesses is a little different than gmail. You can get google mail for business where you can set up domain name emails and play around with a suite of business apps. It’s actually quite good but the downside is that you must pay $5 a month per user which can quickly add up. If you run a tiny company, possibly in web development or design, then you only need 4 or 5 accounts. On top of that, you might not even need all those extra apps and you only want to have the at the end of your email. Well that’s where Zoho is actually good because they offer a very reasonable free service for businesses up to 10 users for 100% free.

When to use Zoho?

You can do everything you’d expect including create and control users, maintain permissions, two factor authentication, and enable IMAP access for desktop clients like Thunderbird. If you’re like me, you prefer to use Thunderbird (or outlook) so that you can have all your emails checked in one place, easily respond to messages, have none of the clutter, and receive notifications of new emails without even having your browser open. If this is how you operate, would you rather pay $20/25 a month for email accounts hosted on a business’ domain or would you rather pay $0 and experience the exact same front end. I think this goes double if you’re a one or two man operation that has extra accounts like admin@domain or contact@domain for the sake of professionalism.

You can check out Zoho’s Business services at If you do enjoy using Google Apps for Businesses, then Gmail may still be the choice for you but at the same time pretty much any tool Google offers can be found elsewhere for free if you know where to look. What email service do you prefer to use for business?

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