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WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor Tutorial & Review 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

This plugin developed by WooMatrix is essentially a step up from the Checkout Field Editor provided free of charge by WooCommerce. In the same way, it allows you to go into WordPress’s back end and customize the fields that show up on each checkout page. What’s unique to the Easy Checkout Field Editor by WooMatrix is that it has extras like being able to filter field displays by product category.

The Good

  • Fast way to get fields to display on certain products or product categories
  • More feature rich version of Checkout Field Editor by WooCommerce
  • Very useful for non-coders or clients who want to edit the filters themselves using wp-admin interface
  • Many available field types
  • Attach fields to orders, invoices, and / or user accounts.

The Bad

  • No ability to group custom fields so may become unwieldy on big eCommerce sites.
  • Doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to add text blocks with no input field.

Available at CodeCanyon.net

This is the use case that I had when I was working with a recent client. They wanted certain fields to only display depending on if the product was among various categories such as Camp Signups or Apparel Gear. Ultimately that means that the fields on the checkout page need to only appear if they are relevant to the product which is where Easy Checkout Field Editor comes in.

If that’s all you want out of the plugin, to customize a few fields for a handful or less different products or categories then it works like a charm. One problem I do foresee in extensive usage is that you are unable to group the new fields together. That means that the settings for each individual field need to be maintained by itself which could make it somewhat unmanageable on big sites.

All the fields will display on your checkout page in their given sections (Billing, Shipping, Additional) from top to bottom. If one field doesn’t match the product id or product category specified then the field is skipped over. One nice thing is that the fields can be added to your invoices, checkout emails, and user account of the checkout user with a simple checkbox.

Compared to writing filter PHP code for new custom fields to display and only for certain categories, this is a much quicker fix. It’s currently selling for $19 for standard site licenses at CodeCanyon.net.

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