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Wix vs Weebly: Which is Best for Startup Website in 2017?

Wix vs Weebly
Written by Chris' Tutorials

We’re going to compare and contrast some of the different points of Wix and Weebly as website builders that both offer free and premium services. I would say that they both have clean, easy to use tools for small business owners to get a startup website off the ground at minimal cost. The best way to decide which is going to best for you is to try them out. Both have free versions of their platform which allows you to use, test, and have a startup website with most features in tact.

Try Weebly Try Wix


  • Drag and Drop Website Builder that Makes it Easy to Build Basic Sites
  • Neither Require Code
  • Both have app stores for 3rd party enhancements to the platforms
  • Built in eCommerce Support that takes Paypal
  • Wide selection of themes – Customizable fonts and color schemes
  • Clean, professional administration interface
  • Adds pointing back to platform site for both free versions
  • Can both create and maintain multiple sites on one account
  • Built in SSL (Https) security out of the box!

What Wix Does Better for a Startup Website

  • Wix has ADI Artificial Design Intelligence which can improve your site while you build automatically.
  • Built in mailing correspondence that can also be accessed by Wix app as an alternative to normal email.
  • Clean App / Plugin Interface
  • Built in contacts with import / export functionality
  • No email marketing limitations on messages / month
Wix Apps Intterface

Wix Displays Apps in a Grid Interface. Very Clear.

What Weebly Does Better for a Startup Website

  • Slightly more competitive pricing plan
  • Weebly accepts four payment platforms as opposed to Wix’s three.
  • More Popular Platform
  • Store CSV File Import and Export
  • More 3rd Party Apps in Store
  • Better site naming for free sites
  • Site backup as archive file sent to email
Weebly Site Builder Interface

Drag and Drop is the Best Way for Non-Coders to Build Their Own Pages

Downsides to Both

  • Lack export and import tools out of the box for moving between platforms.
  • Can’t elect to self host Wix / Weebly


What the two platforms do is remarkably similar but I think when it comes down to creating a site as fast as possible with minimal effort that Wix currently wins out. The reason for this comes down to the ADI site builder. Most of your color scheme options, font options, and section placement design can be automatically created at a quality close to that of a regular web designer. The tool makes it as easy as possible by allowing it to automatically make changes but also to walk you through making your own manual changes to the sites layout and design. With Wix’s ADI, it’s very possible to get the framework for a new site setup within 20 minutes as you can see in my latest video.

That said, both are good in their own right and ideal solutions for people who would rather not engage with custom web designers or developers. Although having someone work manually on your site can get interesting features added, the expense could be prohibitive for a startup website. That’s where Wix and Weebly become good options. For the record, they do offer their own customer support for any issues you have with premium accounts.

I would say give them both a try for free and once you find one you like better, upgrade to premium so you can unlock all features and use your paid domain name for better brand recognition.

Try Wix Try Weebly

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