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Top 10 Weebly Features for Building Online Stores | E-Commerce Review 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

Here we’ll talk some about some of the top Weebly E-commerce features that exist out of the box. The best way to get a feeling for them will remain to try them for yourself here. After all, basic Weebly is free so there’s no reason not to. Putting that aside though, here’s my summary thoughts on the current version of Weebly (4.0+).

Top Weebly E-commerce Features

Layout Controls

There are multiple formats you can choose to display your products in on Weebly. When you add a product section to your pages, you can display between Grid, Masonry, Multi Image, or Single Row layouts out of the box.

Choose Your Product Layout for Weebly E-Commerce

One of 4 Layouts Out of the Box

Add Google Analytics Tracking

After doing some proper setup, Google Analytics allows you to see what happens as your potential customers go through your purchase process flow. Weebly supports attaching Google Analytics IDs right out of the box though of course you need to setup on as well.

Can set up sales and inventory tracking

On Weebly E-commerce you can create and promote sale prices for your products out of the box. Especially useful for online stores that sell physical products, you can keep your inventory count updated on the site as each purchase is made.

Multiple product images for each product

Rather than just have one product image, you can add multiple for each product and their displays on other site pages. Odds are most customers will appreciate being able to see a product from different angles after all.

Custom SEO Title / Description

Relevant for those who want to bring in organic search traffic, you can set custom SEO titles and descriptions for items in your shop out of the box. What this means is that you can have a separate description that shows to search engines from the one you show to customers.

Coupons / Gift Cards

On your Weebly E-commerce site you can set up digital coupons for your customers to use or allow your customers to purchase email based gift cards with redeemable code credit on your site. These add two common ways to expand the ways your business can interact with your customer base.

Track order process and abandoned orders

Along with Google Analytics to collect information about what is happening with your customers and their purchasing process, you can see all orders on your Weebly backend. This includes abandoned orders for those that were started but never completed.

Paypal / Stripe / Square / payment platforms

These are the four platforms that Weebly E-commerce supports payment on out of the box. Paypal is the big well known player here but having three alternatives means that you can pick the service you want to intergrate with if you prefer not to use Paypal. Having multiple options is also a fair option.

Setup Process for Weebly E-Commerce

Weebly walks you through the process of setting up a store

Custom Shipping Rules and Rates by Country / State

You might decide to offer one cost for shipping products within your own country but need to set up more expensive rates for international customers. Weebly allows you to set these up which will affect the orders as your customer’s put in their shipping information.

Calculate Shipping Price by Carrier and Specify Box Sizes

By including the box size and shipping type in your products data, Weebly can fetch the live prices for the cost of shipping through those services.

Define Tax Rates by Region for International Companies

Tax can get quite complicated when you’re dealing with customers and other companies from other countries. Each country has their own tax rates and policies. In Weebly, it’s possible to set specific tax rules up for each country you want to sell to which should be useful for businesses that grow beyond their local markets.

The Weebly E-commerce package has most of the features that small businesses would commonly be looking for in their online store. Once again though, I recommend you try it before you consider upgrading to Weebly pro. You get access to all of these mentioned features for free but your shop is limited in number of items and charged a fee per purchase while running on the free account. Of course the pro / business versions clear these up by switching to a moddest monthly fee instead. One more good upside of Weebly though is that you won’t have to pay for your own web hosting.


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