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Voice Theme Review | Best for News / Magazine Sites 2016 – 2017?

Written by Chris' Tutorials

The Voice theme, currently selected for this site, is one of the cleanest premium themes I’ve seen out there on the market. Voice is set up to specifically target news or magazine style sites heavy in article or blog content.

Voice Theme Available Here on Theme Forest


It includes several plugins that are useful to the end of creating a news or magazine site or blog including Meks Easy Ads Widget for inserting ads into your posts automatically. The smart social widget plugin includes icons for 40 social media networks such as Facebook or YouTube. Those icons are displayed in a sidebar widget in a square format that meshes well together with the overall theme.

Content Display

In order for the theme to work as well as possible, you should include featured images in every post. All of the page modules that list posts out include thumbnails for the images based on those featured images. This fits in line with the news or magazine theme as if you look at any major news site out there, you will see each post with an image to increase viewer interest.

There are plenty of styles to setup WordPress pages with in the voice theme using modules. You can arrange posts anywhere from lists to grids and make the first few posts different by have starter designs on the modules. There are substantial ways to filter posts for those modules including post date, alphabetical, and even post view count. One of the interesting things about the theme is that it does track view counts for you.


One of the things Voice theme gets right is the vibrant use of colors in post categories. When you create and modify categories, you can set each one up with a unique or similar color that carries on across the site. Whenever you see that category name pop up such as in post modules on your front page or on the article page itself, it displays with the selected color. This makes it very clear what kind of content is being advertised to repeat users.

Key Points

  • News / Magazine Theme
  • No Page Builder (Replacable)
  • Module Based Pages
  • Colored Categories
  • Widget for Ads, nice but may not use
  • Social Square, Nice if you need it

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