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Top 5 Best WordPress Widgets for Sidebar Area

Top 5 WordPress Sidebar Widgets
Written by Chris' Tutorials

Generally speaking, a sidebar is best used as a way of organizing your content and allowing your users to find posts they are looking for. Many of these WordPress widgets mentioned in this post are for that though there are other good uses for sidebars as well. If you’re going to use WordPress Widgets in your sidebar then you should consider the following for your site.

Top WordPress Widgets List

  1. Categories


    Grouping your content by categories is a great way to help users find similar content to what they were reading. Not only does it make it clear to the user what the general topic is about but WordPress also associates content with each other using categories. ¬†Putting categories in your sidebar lets your users jump to the category they are interested in very quickly. It’s a good way to keep users on your site for longer than one page.

    Voice Theme Categories WordPress Widgets

    Voice Theme Makes Categories Look Nice

  2. Social Icons (Example – Contact Widgets)

    Personally I feel that having too many social media accounts has diminishing returns but that it’s better to focus on just a few (such as YouTube in my case). For whichever accounts you do use for your business, it’s a good idea to cross promote those pages by having icons to link back to the sites. For the sake of visually distinctiveness and conserving space, icons are the go to way to do this and the sidebar is a great place to put them.

  3. Search

    If you’re writing content then it’s imperative that your users have some way to browse through your site. The best way to find precise content is a search box. Putting this ino your sidebar is a good option but up in your header or close to your menus works as well.

  4. Archives

    Sometimes people want to see your older content. It could be curiousity or that they remember a great post from the past. By organizing your content by date, this provides another way for people to search your site. Perhaps not quite as commonly used as search or categories but a good option none-the-less. Just make sure your sidebar doesn’t grow too large.

  5. Email Subscriber Box

    Affiliate marketers often point out that one the most valuable resources a site owner has is their mailing list. Rather than being able to mention products or services to someone once, you can bring them back. By linking back to your site you have a new opportunity to market to them. In many ways, this works like the YouTube subscriber feature where people will see your latest content.

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