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Top 10 Best WordPress Features | Review 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

WordPress is the top content management system (CMS) for building websites both professional and personal. Over at you can see the data you can see that it has a dominate marketshare currently at 65% in CMS based sites, way up from it’s competitors (#2 Joomla at 8.5%). In order to explain why it’s such a popular platform we’re going to talk about the top 10 WordPress Features in the latest version.

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Best WordPress Features

  1. Easy to Learn Back End Interface

    One of the most important components of a good CMS is the ability for non-developers site owners and content authors to be able to interact with the site. The interface provided with every wordpress site at allows you to easily login, create extra users, write posts, create static pages, manage plugins, and more. WordPress sits above the competition in this regard because the administration interface is cleanly designed to be very easy and effective to use.

  2. Strong Out of the Box Themes

    The twenty seventeen WordPress theme that installs to all new WordPress sites by default now is actually quite good. While installing a premium theme or hiring custom designers when you have the money is a better lead to making a serious business site, many novice users will enjoy having a good looking site with minimal effort. It’s a good place to get started while you figure out which theme you want to ultimately go with. Twenty Seventeen Theme Photo - WordPress Features

  3. Page Templates (And 3rd Party Page Builders)

    Most serious sites are going to want pages that have custom setup or changes over a regular blog post page. In order to define how those custom pages would look there are a couple options for determining their layout. The first is page templates which often come with premium themes and can be customized or written by anyone who knows PHP and WordPress. The other option which is much more user friendly are page builders. There are many page builders built for WordPress which you need only consult the plugins section in wp-admin to discover.

  4. Well Documented and Plenty of Tutorials

    Because WordPress is the most popular Web CMS, it’s also the one that receives the most attention in terms of tutorials and documentation. For people who want to make customizations, it’s much easier if you can learn from someone who has made that change before you. The downside of using less popular systems is that you will be the first to run into a problem more often (or at least the first to post online about the problem).

  5. Full Control Over Website Content

    Owner controlled content management systems like WordPress allow you to have total control over your content. This assumes that you also own the account for your web hosting, but you could have a company maintain your site instead if that doesn’t interest you. Dreamhost is a solid choice to put your WordPress site onto by the way. You can find that here ($50 Off First Year of Premium Web Hosting for My Readers). What full control means is that you can access the file system on the server, you can delete and themes, plugins or files of the WordPress package. However, full control means be careful as well since deleting core WordPress files will certainly break your site. Beyond the server maintanence though, almost every aspect of your WordPress site can be easily customized. You control what WordPress features exist on your site through plugins and themes.

  6. Category, Tag, Format Post Organization

    It’s pretty common and important to a CMS that you are able to organize your content through categories and tags. The way the WordPress system handles this is quite nice being able to add one or multiple categories and tags to each post as you create them or edit later on. Without having organization on your site, things can get out of hand down the road as you enter hundreds or thousands of pieces of content.

  7. No Fee to Use WordPress

    Not so much a WordPress feature as one of the incentives to using the platform. For what you get out of the box, you will never be premium fee locked in WordPress. However, note that it applies to what the core organization is providing and not what 3rd party developers and designers create. Still, it is a monthly expense that would add up otherwise on platforms like Weebly or Wix. To be totally fair though, you do have to find or pay for web hosting.

  8. Extensive Built In Plugin System with 3rd Party Support

    Without a doubt, there are more plugins created for WordPress than any other CMS on the market today. Because so many people use WordPress, tons of plugin developers are out there catering to the people who need them. Both in the admin interface, the official wordpress sites, and on premium stores like ThemeForest you can find something to solve most of your website needs out of the box.

  9. WooCommerce Platform for eCommerce Stores

    When it comes to business, being able to conduct eCommerce is a big deal. The WooCommerce plugin platform is the definitive option when it comes to WordPress. You can start a WooCommerce store with nothing using it’s basic WordPress features but as things get more complicated they have premium plugins officially developed by the WooCommerce team (3rd Party Plugins exist as well) to increase it’s feature set. There are also agencies out there like coolblueweb who offer support for setting up stand out WordPress sites for businesses as well.

  10. Large Developer, Designer, and Community Support

    For many serious site owners, there will come a time when you can’t do everything with the great graphical interface provided by WordPress or any other CMS. Sometimes it’s little changes here or there to modify templates or the way things look (CSS styles, etc) and other times it’s creating custom plugins or the like. As an off and on WordPress developer, you’re welcome to contact me for site setup, fixes, or even if you need some PHP code done. If you want to build something special and you have a reasonably sized budget, the guys at coolblueweb would also be a good option. They specialize in WooCommerce WordPress sites and Magento as well.

    In any case, I hope I have done WordPress justice in pointing out the Best WordPress Features at the time writing this which is April 2017. Let me know in the comments if you think there are any other key points in WordPress that I missed or if you agree with me.


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