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The Value of Premium WordPress Themes

Written by Chris' Tutorials

One of the biggest strengths of WordPress is it’s huge population of developers and designers building plugins and themes off of the base platform not only for completely custom websites but also for components that are provided on the open store. If you have absolutely no coding skills whatsoever, it’s still possible to install a premium theme and have a decent looking site with many graphical user interface customization that you can play around with. Many of the better premium themes also include or recommend page builder plugins so that you can customize individual page layouts or templates without having to code them in PHP as well.

If you want to quickly understand how helpful a premium WordPress theme can be, just go ask a developer for a hand-coded website quote or a designer for a custom theme design and you’ll quickly notice a huge price difference with those stock premium themes that often run around $50 or $60. The first successful medicine produced costs and at the time was probably worth a fortune but after it can be mass produced, the price tends to drop dramatically. The same principle applies with stock premium themes.

To get everything looking right on a Premium Theme based WordPress site still requires some knowledge of how things work of course. Premium themes are able to get everything looking nice and precise largely by having a huge number of options available to the consumer. A simple example might be that you have any colors available to you but which ones are going to make your content look good?

To be realistic, highly customized themes belong in the domain of mid sized to corporate sized businesses that can afford development and design costs. Complex websites are not cheap. At any level of web building, a premium theme dramatically reduces down the amount of work that actually has to be done to create a good looking site. For sites advancing beyond a blog, it may not achieve everything you’re looking to have it do but for the price you’re paying for a theme can be immensely valuable similar to how good mobile apps can be well worth the few dollars most app companies ask for per download.

Real world example using a Premium WordPress Theme – a client of mine is going to have me build there site out from the Tower theme. It’s got a custom page builder, comes with the premium slider plugin Revolution Slider, a highly configurable menu system, and plenty of layout starters and customization options. A lot of the cool web items we want are built right there into the theme and it’s exciting to work with.

Premium WordPress themes are valuable in roughly the same way for website building as factory pencils are for a writer looking to jot down ideas – it’s a lot quicker when you don’t have to make that pencil yourself.

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