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The 5 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

Written by Chris' Tutorials

Here we’ll take a brief look at the top 5 premium WordPress themes for WordPress.

In order, they are

  1. Avada
  2. X Theme
  3. Enfold
  4. BeTheme
  5. Bridge

What Do Premium WordPress Themes All Have in Common?

  • Flexibility
  • Theme Demos
  • Modern Designs
  • Demo Setups for Almost Every Common Web Business
  • Robust customization options
  • Easy to Use for Non-Developers
  • Built in Social Share Links designed specifically for the Theme
  • Have been around for years
  • Bundled with premium plugins for no extra charge
  • Listed for Sale on Theme Forest
  • Visually pleasing
  • Proper support for sliders – looks like it belongs when you add one (often included in the theme package)
  • Frequent Updates
  • Large Development and Support Teams

What Free Themes Almost Always Lack

  • A professional grade design
  • FAQs or quality guides on how to use the theme
  • Enough customization options to avoid coding
  • Built in integration for systems like BuddyPress
  • A good demo – most free themes have a very bland setup or change very little from the 201x official wordpress themes
  • Adequate technical support (can’t be helped, it’s not like they can afford to hire staff to service a product that makes no money)

What Paid Themes Always Lack

Being purchasable directly inside of the Appearance -> Themes WordPress menu. I don’t understand why WordPress chooses to do this, but only free themes are visible from the WordPress admin interface. It strikes me as a missed opportunity for the WordPress company to generate revenue for the project and an opportunity for developers and designers to have an official marketplace for selling their themes, plugins, and other items. Fortunately, ThemeForest is the next best thing to an official marketplace.

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