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Surrender at 20! Why Should You Do It?

Written by Chris' Tutorials

A large percentage of the people out there who are gamers are also going to be fans of League of Legends. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer games and eSports on the marketplace today because it has fun and has addicting gameplay with frequent updates. Of course the game is also technically free to play even if they get your money in the end through the in game store. The game can be frustrating – REALLY frustrating at times. You might need to take a break or just move on but whatever your needs you can always surrender at 20.

Surrender at 20 to Ditch Scrubs

No matter what rating or level you are at playing the game, there will always be games where your team is getting steamrolled by the other team. This might not even have all that much to do with you and everything to do with teammates who like to feed. One of the most common reasons to go surrender at 20 is just so that you can move on from a game that you have no hope of winning. If you know that your team is going to lose and your opponents know they’ve won the game then isn’t it a tad rude to keep everyone there playing a game out that’s already decided? In games like Magic the Gathering they have something called scooping or forfeiting the game for the same reason.

Your Team is Full of Jerks? Surrender at 20!

If you play League of Legends then you know that people get hyper competitive playing the game. Some people are very immature but others just lose control of themselves in the moment. It gets tense for a video game and it can be upsetting to deal with all the trash talk that goes on in almost every single game. One option is to simply silence the trouble making player. However in some other cases, it’s a large portion of the players involved in the game. You can try to silence all of them, but then they might show their resentment towards you by letting you die. If your team just decides to abandon the cause of playing like a team then there’s a good chance you’re better off just going for a surrender at 20.

Champs like These

Champs like these sometimes think they ARE the team.
Mid League of Legends by greyloch | CC BY-SA 2.0

Surrender at 20 because the Game Stopped Being Fun

To some degree, the purpose of playing videos is to have fun. If you’re not having any fun, then what are you doing by continuing to play. It would be pretty rude to your team to just quit out of the game in the middle of the match and ensure that no matter how hard they try that they will most likely lose. Instead, a better way to opt out would be to say that you just want to quit for today and asking them if you can surrender at 20. With many teams, that’s entirely unrealistic especially in ranked. However, many people who play League of Legends are actually cool people and don’t mind doing so if it helps you feel a bit better.

The Other Team is Rubbing Their Victory in Your Face – Surrender at 20 to Deny Them that Satisfaction

I fully get the charge that comes from dominating your opponent in a MOBA game. You feel like you’re on top of the world when you get a score like 10 kills, 1 death, and 14 assists. However, when an enemy team is in control of the game there is little you can do to end it yourself outside of surrendering. Enemy teams can choose to sit around in the jungle and savor their victory as long as they please. If you’ve already accepted defeat, then it may be a good idea to Surrender at 20. However, it’ll probably look more like a Surrender at 30 or 40 before their trolling becomes apparent.

Surrender at 20 Because Someone Has To Go

It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people queue up for a game that they know they will have to leave in twenty minutes. It happens more often then you might think. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances do pop up though and one player has to ditch out of the game. If that player happened to be your star player in a losing game then it might be worth the surrender at 20. Please do try to queue up for games when you’re sure you have enough time to finish them though. I’m not perfect about it either, it just sucks when it happens for not only yourself but the entire team.

Do remember though that not every losing game is a lost cause. I’ve discovered over time that the more confident a team is in their victory, the sloppier they tend to play. A team in the lead likes to get greedy and that’s when you can punish them and swing a game around. Surrender at 20 when you need to but know that you may be tossing a game away that you would have actually won in the end.

Featured Image: Jinx by greyloch | CC BY-SA 2.0

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