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Full Webpage Screenshot Browser Plugin

Written by Chris' Tutorials

Have you ever had the need to take a webpage screenshot from your browser? As someone who writes articles, this has actually become a pretty common task for me. When you talk about other websites, WordPress themes, or make lots of social media posts then a screenshot goes a long way for the message you are trying to deliver.

If you’ve taken a look at many of the website based tools, then you know a lot of them are pretty slimy and slow. They’ll say “Sure! Just give me the link and I’ll get you you’re screenshot fast.” In reality though they’ll take 30 seconds or more, and only give you a tiny 320 x 240 px thumbnail unless you’re willing to sign up for the full version. I get that they’re creating products to get a share of the market and make bank but when you put garbage out you’re going to get garbage back. You can search around with those websites for a while and maybe there is actually one out there that does what it says but personally I find it better all around to just go with the browser extension route.


Screenshot of the Plugin’s Dropdown Interface

Enter Webpage Screenshot – A free screenshot plugin that can take full page screenshots all the way down the page.
One of the nice things about this feature is that it will even give a tiny attribution below the main image to the website domain which is good for giving credit and also provides a way for readers to find the exact link to the site you are talking about. Aside from that,  it also does screenshots of what’s currently visible on the screen, capturing regions, webcams, and taking shots of your desktop. Once you take a screenshot, you can save it locally or upload it to just about any social media site you can imagine. Luckily enough, even WordPress is on the list if you’re OK with giving the plugin the username and password to one of your accounts. Being completely free, it provides all of the features to you off the bat and does not request that you sign up for more. It does contain a link to the authors donate page which is completely fair because developers need to eat too.

Here’s an example you can take a look at of Net Perceiver’s current front page

Home - Net Perceiver

That full size image took around 3-4 seconds request and download as opposed to some of those online websites which will delay it for 30 seconds and spit out a 320 x 240 px resolution thumbnail. I do like having screenshots as a browser plugin because it’s always there for you when you’re browsing through your web. However, if desktop is more your thing, then Greenshot is the obvious choice which can take full webpage screenshots from internet explorer as well. It’s universally known as one of the best screenshot tools from that world. The only downside is you either have to have it up all the time where it’s default settings will change the functionality of your print screen button, mess with the settings to get it just right, or load it up every time you want to take a specialized full webpage screenshot. Because of that, there’s certainly an argument to be made using plugins like Webpage Screenshot instead or at least in addition to Greenshot.

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