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Employer Integrity on Freelance Sites

Written by Chris' Tutorials

Have you ever tried to do any kind of freelance whether it’s web development, writing, or something entirely different? It may come as no surprise to many that on the internet there are many people out there just looking to make a quick buck. I would argue this includes the majority of “SEO Specialists”, many eBook writers, and anyone who claims that you will make money fast with their special program. My expectations with freelance product reviews were actually perhaps a little bit optimistic.

So along came an honest man who wanted me to write a review for his survival knife on Amazon. The knife was sent to me for free, I even got to keep it, and it was actually really cool to play around with it seeing what it could cut through and how well everything fit together on it’s holster. After reviewing the product, the deal was closed, I got payed, and it was a great experience overall. After that, I thought – why don’t I put myself out there for some more product reviews whether it’s an app I can just download for free or a product they’ll send to me and I’ll theory test.

What came out of that however? Several people asking me to write reviews that must be positive reviews regardless of whether the product is good or not, and to review the product without ever testing it. Yes – people wanted me to screw buyers over on Amazon by writing fake reviews for a few dollars. Needless to say I turned them all down.

Now there’s a lot of legitimate work out there too and Product Reviews are probably one of the categories most flooded with dishonest requests. If you check out a place like oDesk you can find plenty of projects with reputable requests if low paying and highly competed over. Still, I think I may have came into freelancing with a little too much innocent optimism about how much honesty and integrity everyone else in the world has. To those who maintain their integrity even when dealing in low profile projects – Thank you! It is appreciated

Featured Image: Integrity by contemplativechristian | CC BY-SA 2.0

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