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How to Easily Transfer Android Files to Windows without USB Cables

How to Transfer Files to Windows from Android with AirDroid
Written by Chris' Tutorials

Sometimes getting devices to communicate cross platform can be a royal pain. Here in this article I will show you a great way to connect your Android and Windows devices to transfer Android files over via AirDroid. AirDroid is a service that works through installing their app on your android device and then connecting to that device by going to You can scan a QR code for quick authentication after confirming the connection on your phone and then navigate all the file directories through your web browser with full download access.

Here’s what you need to do to get your files over to your Windows device (or vice-versa). No USB cable required and you don’t even have to be on the same local network (Remote file transfer, but there is also a local mode if you’re looking for a faster connection over WIFI)

1. Download Air Droid onto your Android Device

AirDroid is available for free download at

For this tutorial, you will need to install it as the first step.

AirDroid Google Play Page

2. Access on your Windows machine.

Because AirDroid has to have authenticated communication between your devices for security, you will need to access the web interface on your Windows web browser.

3. Scan QR Code on Webpage

As you can see front and center on the webpage, there are multiple ways to authenticate including logging in with a Google account or scanning a QR code. I recommend using the QR code method because it’s the quickest way to get going. In the AirDroid app (boot it up on your phone if you haven’t yet), look at the top menu and there will be a scan QR code icon as seen here.

AirDroid Login Screen

4. Choose How You Want to Access Files

Now that we’re authenticated on both sides of the app, there’s a few good ways to download the files from our Android machine to the other. If you’re looking to download videos, music, photos, or apk files from your Android then click on detail over on the right side of the web page. In the summary dialog window, choose the category of your choose with a left click on your Windows machine.

AirDroid Detail Summary

If you’re looking for a file that doesn’t show up in one of those categories, then you can choose the Files tool on the main screen and browse manually. This is just like using any file manager / navigator to look through the content on your device. Remember that Android devices have a different file structure than Windows though so you won’t be looking for “Program Files”

Android File Tool

5. Select and Download Your Files

When you open up your category, you’ll be given a listing of the files of that type on your device in a details list. There are checkboxes on the left that you tick off in order to mark files for download and you can click on column headers to sort the list. Click Download in the top right when you have all the files selected that you want to download and it the files will start downloading in your web browser or download manager of choice.

Android Music Download Window

5.B. Select from the Files Tool for Download

If you weren’t able to access your files in detail summary window then you can still find your files using the file app on your desktop.

AirDroid Find Files by Navigating Manually

In the same way as before, you find the files you want and check them off on the left hand side. When you hit the download button in the top right, all selected files will begin to download in your web browser.

Conclusion – Easy to Transfer Android Files to Windows with AirDroid

The whole process of using AirDroid should take you no more than a couple minutes each time after the initial install of the app. If you’re looking for an effective, consistent way to transfer files to your Windows machine from Android with a USB connection then AirDroid will be a helpful tool. I hope this tutorial has helped you guys out since getting files to transfer used to be a pain for myself as well.


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