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Bundles: Most Cost Effective Way to Get New Software

Written by Chris' Tutorials

There are sites out there now that sell software or other items in bundles for insane discounts. One of my favorites is the Humble Bundle which right now is doing a deal for Unix tutorial books. For $1 you can get 5 professionally written books by O’reily in digital format and more if you spend more. If you’re used to buying books in school, that kind of price point seems absurd. I think that online weekly bundles mostly started out with video games but since have extended far past that. There are bundles for music (a lot of them), bundles for books, but most relevant to us are bundles for software apps and tutorial courses. Effectively it includes anything that’s sold in a digital manner.

Why Should I Care About Bundles?

While some of the bundles out there are rubbish trying to pawn off subpar works to unsuspecting consumers, many of these bundles actually have solid mainstream tools for you. I think it was about a week ago where Humble Bundle had a software bundle including apps like Fences 3, Cyberghost VPN, and LastPass (all three of which I had wanted, been using the free version for, or already had the premium service for respectively). Those are worth a lookup if you haven’t seen them already. The biggest problem for busy people is that it takes time to keep track of when good apps or courses are going on sale in a group.


More Linux than Any Human Could Possibly Consume!

Speaking of those course bundles, if you ever wanted to learn how to become a programmer – now might be a good time. StackSocial, an extension of StackOverflow, popped up and is grouping together massive courses which originally would have charged hundreds of dollars for less than the cost of a Playstation 4 game. Here’s an example, Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle. Although it has ended, the deal included $893 list price of learning for a minimum of $15 to get all of it.

But Are the Base Prices Really Worth It?

Not really. If a course says it’s $100 base then these days you can usually get them for a lot less and that’s not exclusive to bundles. To people who create apps, courses, or eBooks, it’s scary that competition can price so low. There are reasons for this. For instance, it costs almost nothing to service a download and the internet is full of competitors. Don’t get me wrong, development of software takes serious time but there is minimal overhead in sales. If you keep an eye on deals or listen on forums where they’re discussed then you can get some wicked deals. For instance, Reddit Deals.

The Huge Downside to Bundles

If you’re not careful, you will buy too many bundles you will end up with a giant digital library that you don’t have the time or memory to sift through. It’s true that you can get massive collections of theoretically useful materials this way. However, it’s only worth anything if you ever actually use it. That said, you could make the argument that if you only ever use half or one fourth of what you buy then you’re still getting a good deal. I’ll be the first to admit though that, especially with games, I have huge backlogs of stuff I will never personally play. It’s kind of like when food becomes so abundant that society tends to be more wasteful of it.

Will Developers Make Enough Money to Eat?

I think it’s a good question to at least explore how changes in the market effect the workers. I’m no professional economist but while mobile apps have been getting cheaper for years (most mobile apps are free now), mobile developers tend to do well for themselves professionally. In the case of bundles, course creators and developers get more exposure by placing their goods inside of them. They can create sales for themselves that they would never have had on their main site portals. If someone makes $1 selling a digital good then it’s still a gain for the business.

Bundle Sites to Check Out

Here’s some of the ones that I frequent

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