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Top 5 Plugins Every WordPress Site Should Have 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

One of the key boons of using WordPress is it’s extensive plugin library. There are many solid plugins out there but these are the 5 that every WordPress Site should have.

1. Force Regenerate Thumbnails – Every WordPress Site Needs Efficiency

When you add images to your site, they may be uploaded as large files that take a long time to load. When they display in your posts, they are likely to be shrunk down to a smaller size. However, that shrinking may not be done efficiently. One way to ensure that the small versions that load are in optimal size and load speed is Force Regenerate Thumbnails. This plugin optimizes your images in any spot they are displayed by having seperate thumbnail versions. A good way to increase page load speed.

2. Yoast SEO – Every WordPress Site Needs Feedback

You could call it the king plugin for blog and article writers on WordPress. To be fair, there are a couple decent competitors to Yoast SEO but I am very fond of it’s indications of post readability and SEO. When you write your content around a certain keyword, Yoast SEO lets you know what you’re doing wrong and gives you tips for how you can make it better. If you’re serious at all about writing content, this is an invaluable tool to have.

Yoast SEO Screenshot

Analysis on Every Post / Page as you write it

3. Page Builder (Any) – Every WordPress Site Needs Usability

There are two ways to build out a web page – writing code as what is essentially a text file or to use a drag and dro p plugin to visually create what you want. For probably well over 99% of people, having the ability to drag and drop elements and sections onto a page is going to be the smoothest and fastest way to get good results. Other platforms like Weebly¬†build their whole business around having visual page builders so that average people can build websites. If you’re going to be creating a custom front page, this is the smoothest way to do it. The less you have to touch code yourself, the most enjoyable your experience on WordPress will be. Keep in mind that there may still be times when a developer has to get involved though for complicated issues.

4. WordFence Security – Every WordPress Site Needs Protection

You know those anti virus tools you have on your computer like Avira, AVG, or Windows Defender. This is basically having that for your Website. There are ways that bad people can crack your site open like SQL injection and you don’t want them ruining your lives or those or your customers. WordFence Security adds extra features to your site that run in the background such as scanning for malicious content on your website. Having a security plugin like WordFence is just a good idea.

5. WP Super Cache – Every WordPress Site Needs Speed

Do you like your website to load fast? If so having your pages cached with WP Super Cache is a good and free idea. The idea behind having pages cached is that your web pages will have a filled out and completed copy saved on your web server instead of having to build the page each time a user loads it. WordPress actually works by default by building the page when requested which means pulling data out of your database and assembling it using the PHP code behind the scenes. It’s much faster if WordPress can just give your users a preassembled copy of the page and that’s the whole idea behind caching. WP Super Cache also has some tools for tying into Content Delivery Networks (CDN) if you’re willing to shell out some money to make page content load faster by having it load from multiple servers.

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