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How to Recover File from Avira Quarantine and Add Exception Tutorial 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

If Avira is giving you a false positive for a virus and sends your file to quarantine, you will want to recover it. This is possible in Avira 2017 and there are a few steps to getting it done. Here’s the video version on how to get it done – Written steps below.

Recover File from Avira Quarantine Steps

  1. In the Windows notification area (bottom right), find Avira Connect.
  2. Right click Avira connect and choose “Open Avira Connect”
  3. Where it says Free Antivirus, look to the right and choose open
  4. In Avira Anti-Virus, Choose Quarantine from the Left
  5. Right click the false positive file from the list of quarantined files. Choose restore file.

Set Exception for File in Avira Steps

  1. Navigate to Avira Anti-Virus like in the previous steps.
  2. Select Extras -> Configuration from the top menu (Or Press F8)
  3. On the left – navigate down to Real-Time Protection -> Scan -> Exceptions
  4. Under “File Objects to be Omitted by Real-Time Protection” find the 3 dots to browse for the file. Locate it on your computer and hit ok.

So those are the steps to doing a recovery of a file quarantined by Avira Real-Time Protection and how to exclude that file from protection quarantine in the future. Just be sure that you really are removing a file from quarantine that is safe before you execute it.

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