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10 Reasons Not to Join a YouTube MCN Network 2017

Written by Chris' Tutorials

YouTube has been having a bit of a panic recently when it’s come to holding advertiser confidence. The result is that CPMs have been lower recently than they were previously – which is not a good thing to see as a regular producer. It’s tempting to look for answers in a YouTube MCN (Multi Channel Network) that says that they help build your business and make you more money. In my past experience with them, it was hard to see this as the case. Here’s 10 reasons not to panic and join an MCN in 2017.

10 Great Reasons Not to Join a Youtube MCN

  1. Many lock you into contracts before you sign up – Some allow you to break free after 30 days wait anytime. Others demand 1 – 2 years contract where you can’t leave before that date. I’ve also heard horror stories that even when one claims to say they can un-link your account that it takes months anyway.
  2. They take a share of your income after YouTube takes a share of your income. This means you’re losing the revenue from your channel twice.
  3. Most of the services are complete rubbish. Why do you need music libraries for your videos when there is already so much great creative commons music?
  4. Google Adsense pays out at $100. Many MCNs offer payouts at any amount but if you’re not making at least $100 already than odds are you arn’t using it for serious income yet anyway.
  5. Many have horrible reputations for bad support teams.
  6. You’re giving other people access to your channel data. What is done with it varies from MCN to MCN but wouldn’t you rather have full private control of your properties.
  7. The popularity of MCNs have dropped off a lot. People arn’t talking about them any more. If YouTube MCNs had great success then wouldn’t you hear more about them currently. Search YouTube’s latest videos on MCNs and most are people looking to make affiliate money. Likewise, finding their ad CPM rates tends to not be something they’re publicly trumpeting much.
  8. Cluttered / Bad website interfaces. Obviously it varies depending on the network but many just aren’t professional at all. Freedom network is a good example of this.
  9. It’s sort of like having a record company as a music artist. When you’re self created to begin with do you believe that you need a record company over your head? Wasn’t the whole point to create something for yourself?
  10. If it doesn’t work out, it will take time to reestablish yourself. Imagine entrusting your business to someone for two entire months. There’s not a lot of information out there on how quality that person is and they have no referrals. It could be that your revenue will suffer in those months but you can’t go back for at least 30 days+. How seriously will you take that option because that’s exactly what you’re doing by signing up for a Youtube MCN.

If you need more convincing, watch this video that tilting me over to the side of not joining an YouTube MCN again.

Here’s another person’s opinion who has four years experience with YouTube MCNs and decided not to reopt in

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